Exchange Network of advertising banners
Faq... The Conditions which bind us...
By being registered any member accepts the following conditions :

-Pornographic banners, xenophobe, of diversion of software, and all those offending the data-processing law and freedoms are proscribed.

-Any inadequate banner can be rejected by the team of Quickspider without notice.

-The member commits himself placing the QuickSpider banner at a visible place on the banner page of his site, nonthe respect involves the suppression of his account.

-Any member is free to leave the service constantly by withdrawing the QuickSpider banner of his site.

-QuickSpider reserves the right to modify or in a more general way, to bring up to date the use and conditions of membership without notice.

-Quickspider is committed respecting the personal data protection of the members, they are not sold nor not revealed with thirds and more particularly at companies making trade of this type of file.

-No attribution of damages could be claimed, the responsibility for QuickSpider could not be committed in the event of damage resulting from a misuse, or for some cause that it is.